Stay Connected at all Times: Mobile Solutions for the Modern Worker

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Introducing the Mitel Connect for Mobile App. Gone are the days of “mobility” being an option – in today’s work place it is a necessity. Available for both Android and iOS, Mitel Connect for Mobile app significantly improves the user experience. It brings together all of the call handling, conferencing and directory features of your Mitel desk phone so users can work from anywhere.

Mitel Connect for Mobile AVAILABLE NOW!

The Mitel Connect mobile app is available for Connect CLOUD and Connect ONSITE users. Users can easily download the Mitel Connect mobile app from their iOS or Android app store and log in instantly using their credentials.

Mitel Connect for Mobile Benefits

Why Mitel Connect mobile app? Today’s mobile workforce needs the agility offered to them by a mobile app. Reducing costs as well as support BYOD, the app is secure and seamlessly integrates to the Mitel Connect ecosystem. It improves professionalism and productivity by eliminating complicated dial-in numbers and passcode entries by joining conferences with a single click! 

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Mitel has prioritized the initial release to include high-usage features first. All basic phone functionality is available in the Mitel Connect mobile app. Enhanced features will be added to the app on a monthly release cycle. Your users will be able to grab the latest versions directly via the app store.

Included with this release:

  • Dashboard: Easily view upcoming events, recent activities and join meetings in one click.
  • PBX Features: Stay connected on the go with features such as voicemail, hold, transfer and more.
  • Wi-Fi/Cellular Call Handover: Never lose a call due to bad reception or Wi-Fi.
  • Security: SRTP security for both voice and UC signals, even in public hotspots.
  • Apple CallKit Integration for iOS: Seamlessly switch between native and app calls without missing a beat.
  • Receive a native cell phone call without interrupting the app call in progress
  • Instant Messaging
  • Extension Assignment
  • Video Calling

Not yet migrated to Mitel Connect?

The good news is that you have options. Packet Fusion is ready to assist you with an easy migration path to Mitel Connect to help your team collaborate and communicate in just about any way you desire. 

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